Beer, Labour and Cinco de Mayo By Adam Corsaut

Beer, Labour and Cinco de Mayo By Adam Corsaut   What is Cinco de Mayo? It’s not a trick question I promise. First of all, it is not Mexican Independence Day (that would be September 16th). So, if not a celebration of Mexican freedom what is it? Many people do not know. And to different…

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In Response to “Peak Beer” A CBC Report

Have we reached Peak Beer?

I recently read an Article titled “Peak beer? Why some are worried the craft-brewing craze could flood the market” on CBC yesterday and I wanted to take some time to address some of the issues that this article missed or did not fully explain correctly on the issue of “peak beer” in a Canadian context.…

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Craft Beers and Indie Games


Recently on our twitter feed (@analog_brewing) we asked the question: which game vintage needs a reboot? Taking advantage of modern consoles or gaming computer power could give a classic game of our youth a completely new experience! Imagine a Virtual Reality Frogger! (I’ll forgive you if you giggle while imagining people hopping around blindly with…

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Leftover MEAET!

Analog Team at Leftover MEAET

Nope, that was not a spelling error; Leftover MEAET is an event put on by NextGen Edmonton. Adam presented Analog Brewing at the November event. Our proposition of delicious beer faced steep competition, and the winner of the night was the Youth Restorative Action Project.

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Pop Culture & Hop Culture

pop culture meets hop culture at Analog Brewing

We were interviewed by the Edmonton Examiner for this article: Edmonton’s Analogue Brewing Company mixes founders love of pop culture and hops. Bit of a spelling error in our name, but it’s exciting to have some publicity!

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We’re Famous!

Analog Brewing story in Canadian Beer News

  Canadian Beer News posted a story about us here! We love reading Canadian Beer News to keep up with what’s new in the beer scene; it was quite exciting to see our logo on their front page.

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Crowdfunder Live!

ATB Boostr for Edmonton Craft Brewery

Check out our ATB Boostr! At this link you can get tickets to our launch party, or buy cool gear like hats and hoodies!You can also view our video below.

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